Macedonian Senior Managers Learn About Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence at the Exclusive Training on Transformational Coaching

posted March 5, 2018

Around thirty Macedonian senior-level managers had the chance to learn more about the notions of mindfulness and emotional intelligence from a top-notch transformational coach, inspirational speaker and meditation guideDragana Ognenovska. Through a careful mix of theoretical and practical approach, she inspired them to live more in the present, break through resistance patterns and begin operating from a place of inner peace and power.

In a very pleasant and interactive atmosphere,training participants also became aware of how to recognize, influence their emotions and more effectively manage their relationship with themselves and others. Dragana trained them to practice creating space between stimulus and reaction, which is the secret to achieving better control over our emotional lives.

“I talked about living more mindfully, especially focusing on work, as well being more aware of how you show up as a leader within your organization. People were really open and receptive. I hope they will be able to implement all of these things, so they can achieve the goals in their workplace.” – stated Dragana Ognenovska.

Dragana is a UC Berkeley graduate and a finance professional, who worked for a Fortune 500 company where she was valued as an "asset” year-over-year. Dragana now works with high-achievers all over the world, who come from different experiences and backgrounds, where she supports them to become the best version of themselves in their business/career and/or life and live a life filled with joy, inner peace and fulfillment.

Thank you all for participating at the event!