Diaspora Investors round table, where Diaspora and governmental institutions come together

posted September 13, 2017

On September 21, for the second time Macedonia2025 will host the 2017 Diaspora Investors round table, an event that aims to gather the diaspora investors in Macedonia and provide them with a platform where they can share their investment story, and talk about their main challenges and their positive experiences so far.

As an international, independent, nonpartisan and non-profit “think and do” tank, Macedonia2025’s mission is to proactively contribute to the economic and democratic development of Macedonia. Being an organization founded by Macedonian expatriates, we understand the importance of events like the roundtable in reaching out to the diaspora and building stronger bridges between them and Macedonia.

This is the second year we are organizing this type of event, you can read last year's recap HERE

We can confirm the presence of representatives from key governmental institutions who will be part of the open roundtable discussions. It will be discussed why it is important to invest in Macedonia and how there can be mutual collaboration to help improve investment opportunities.

The round table discussion will start with presenting survey results from the Diaspora Investors Survey 2017, which will give voice to the key concerns and experience of diaspora investors. Based on these results, the discussion will center around two main topics:

· The benefits and obstacles of investing, cooperation with the government, and opportunities for institutional aftercare;

· Government perspective for addressing issues that diaspora faces.

With an increased focus being given to the diaspora and diaspora relations at this present time, Macedonia2025 is looking forward to assisting the development of a collaborative and communication platform between government and diaspora investors.

If you are a diaspora investor or you already have some experience on the topics, please join us. The event will take place at the Diplomatic Hall of Skopski Saem in Skopje, at 10:00 am.