CEO of Funke Digital TV to talk about the opportunities and challenges in the telecom industries at the MK2025 Summit

posted August 16, 2017

Stan Baaijens walked in his father’s footsteps by joining the Funke Company more than 35 years ago. Funke Digital TV, based in the Netherlands, is a leading supplier of digital products for the television industry being active in more than 50 countries. Stan, as a second-generation owner of this company starting 1992, managed to bring growth to the company which reached its 60th anniversary this year.

As a pioneer with a passion for the industry, Stan Baaijens has set up several commercial and technical innovation projects all over the world. As a drive towards trends and the future innovations, Stan transformed Funke Digital TV’s strategy in order to be at the forefront of future market needs and expectations.

He is also an expert on understanding consumer needs, the broadcasting industry, and penetrating the growing digital TV market. Stan represents CE producers in the DVB Project (Geneva) and is on the steering committee, the promotions and communications module (PCM) and the DTT promotion and monitoring group (DPM at EBU). DVB is an industry-led consortium that promotes an open standard for digital TV and other broadcasting.


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