In an age where information is moving so fast and where every other day a trend rises or fades, it is crucial for Macedonia to be ready to ride the technological wave. To that end, it is crucial that the MGPN helps us to monitor and bring closer to Macedonia global forecasts and hot news. Giving an interview, writing an op-ed that has to do with your profession, joining call-ins organized by MK2025, organizing a small event in your community or city, advocating for Macedonia when it is most needed- these are the ways one can contribute to MK2025’s cause.

Another way to help is to join MK2025 regional Chapters. These are hubs for Macedonian professionals in some of the most dynamic regions in the world. The Chapters organize networking events and promote the initiatives of MK2025. To join one in the US, Canada, Australia or Europe please contact us at with the subject line: MK2025 Regional Chapter.