Many international companies have decided to locate their production in Macedonia. These foreign investments have created thousands of jobs by directly employing people, but also by providing opportunities for domestic suppliers. And although this is excellent news for Macedonia, the country needs more investments, especially in the area of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which are the backbone of every economy.

Macedonians in the Diaspora are in a unique position to invest or to support the starting of new enterprises. There are many people from Macedonia who have become successful business owners and professionals in the countries where they live. What if for these people the time has come for a new challenge? Why not make Macedonia the place to invest?

We are happy to say that besides the big companies there are also Small and Medium Enterprises that have invested in Macedonia, who are foreigners who have no cultural or ethnic connection to Macedonia. We are delighted that they have seen opportunities in the country and we hope that these will be yet another reason why people in the Diaspora should come here to invest. 

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