Macedonia Country Dashboard 

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In September 2015, Macedonia2025 announced an initiative to track the progress of Macedonia through a number of economic and non-economic measures. The Macedonia Country Dashboard was shaped through extensive cooperation with a diverse group of experts from the Economic Development Boards of Singapore, Turkey, McKinsey & Company and in consultation with the former Prime Minister of Georgia, Nika Gilauri. Our vision was to take the additional step toward defining what we mean by “a stronger nation,” through creating a balanced dashboard that will set aspirational yet achievable targets for Macedonia in 2025, grounded in benchmarks of peer nations. The dashboard identifies 34 peer group counties and draws on a large number of globally recognized metrics such as the World Economic Forum’s (Annual Competitiveness Report), The Freedom House, Transparency International, Education Quality PISA score, World Bank’s Report on Ease of Doing Business, etc. In the time ahead, a core group of experts will maintain and facilitate discussions around the Country Dashboard, to monitor broad progress on growth and quality of life. The Dashboard and the articles related to the country progress will be available publicly for the consideration of government officials, experts and academics. We believe that these metrics will resonates with the Macedonian business community and the government officials and would serve as an important communication tool for many stakeholders in Macedonia. The Dashboard plugs-in metrics such as GDP Growth, FDI as percentage of GDP, Credit Rating, Ease of Doing Business, Net Exports, Unemployment, Corruption Index and an inventory of other measures. Within the selected peer group of countries, in 2015 Macedonia ranks 11th of 34 (2nd quartile). We believe that this is a good ranking considering the external economic circumstances, but there is a space for improvements. Please see the chart below for reference on the potential target or visit our website for more details. The country progress update will be published annually.