posted April 16, 2018

Webinar on the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with CESO

Be part of the CESO Webinar!

Unfortunately, the speakers from Canada who were supposed to be part of the opening CESO event could not make it to Skopje due to heavy snow storms, so in order not to cancel the event, we will have have a CESO Webinar on 17 April at 2pm.

CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization) is an economic development organization working with partners and clients to create sustainable solutions that foster long-term economic and social growth. Thanks to the Bitove Family Foundation, Macedonia2025 in partnership with CESO, has established the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program to support the development of Macedonian micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

At the CESO Webinar, Wendy Harris - President and CEO of CESO and Lou Naumovski - Member of Macedonia2025 Experts Council, will present all the involved stakeholders in the program, its main objectives and benefits for Macedonian companies. Part of the Webinar will also be dedicated to Q&A session.

"There is nothing more important to our family than seeing Macedonians achieve great success, especially those in the Republic of Macedonia, it makes us all that much proud of our heritage. That is why we have created the Bitove Entrepreneurship Program to assist in growing the Macedonian economy by supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs for years to come. Our father, John Bitove Sr., was thankful for many people who assisted him when he was growing his companies and becoming a very successful businessman.  We are lucky we found CESO to assist with implementing this project, since they have an experienced track record of success doing this exact same kind of work many other countries and companies." - says MK2025 Board Member, John I. Bitove Jr.

“Our program seeks to recruit Macedonian companies who have specific needs and then to match the abilities of the Canadian senior experts who would like to spend from two to four weeks in Macedonia to advise the companies. The individual assignments can be with a specific company, namely one advisor - one company or it can be one advisor working for multiple companies. “– states Lou Naumovski, the main initiator for bringing this program to Macedonia.

"CESO is dedicated to economic empowerment. With over 50 years of global experience developing SMEs, our partnership with the Bitove Entrepreneurship Program and Macedonia 2025 will be a wonderful opportunity to support businesses in a meaningful, sustainable and tangible way in Macedonia”, says Wendy Harris, President and CEO of CESO.

Macedonian micro, small and medium companies, working in the field of finance, tourism and hospitality, information technology, agri-business and natural resource management are welcomed to join the Webinar.

If you want to be part of the Webinar please sign up at, so we can send you the registration link. Spaces are limited.