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Unique Program for Intensive Leadership Development Experience – Toronto Executive Study Tour

By Thursday January 24th, 2019Announcements

Thanks to Macedonia 2025, I was one of the students selected for a 5-day senior leadership certificate program called “Leadership Competencies: What Senior Managers Need to Know”, taking place at the Schulich School of Business. In addition to offering an outstanding faculty, applied learning, and a wide range of diverse participants, what I also found useful was the one-week job-shadowing in successful companies in Canada, such as AMJ Campbell and Weston Foods – Production Company, which all contributed to enriching my overall experience.

Schulich School of Business who runs the course “Leadership Competencies: What Senior Managers Need to Know”, has created executive education programs that meet the professional development goals not only of high potential managers primed for career advancement, but also of seasoned executives seeking new insight into today’s complex challenges.

The broad-based programs incorporate simulations, experiential activities and case studies from Canada, USA and Europe, which help participants realize their full potential. Topics include coaching and mentoring skills for organizational growth, leading innovation, developing talent and empowering people, inspiring collaboration and teamwork, mastering the art and science of negotiation and leveraging financial data analytics for better decision making. In this executive course, we had the opportunity to meet experienced instructors such as Beppino Pasquali who has a unique-presenting style, which makes financial concepts easy to understand; Joseph Sherren – an excellent speaker with great experience who gave us deep understanding of the concepts of leadership, coaching and mentoring with a lot of practical examples and approaches, as well as other distinguished professors who presented us with very useful insights on globalization, innovation, corporate governance, strategic thinking, problem solving and others.

This unique program provides an intensive leadership development experience designed to help us become a more self-reflective and more effective leader. Through an in-depth exploration of self-awareness, self-management, mindset, feedback, influence, judgment, character, resilience and guidance from experienced instructors, we developed the proficiency needed to propel our career and our companies in Macedonia forward. In addition to refining our personal leadership practices, we developed our own personal action plan for maximizing our impact in the companies in Macedonia.

The action learning sessions at Schulich School of Business and the job-shadowing in the Canadian companies provided “takeaways” for handling day-to-day leadership challenges, which will help our managers transform Macedonian companies into being more competitive on the global market and also for building a stronger future for Macedonia.

For me, people are the most valuable asset, and we must keep them energized, engaged and motivated.

This program gave us many tools to use and I highly recommend it to all Macedonian leaders who are looking for tools to inspire their teams to that next level of performance!

You’ll leave prepared and motivated to guide your organization through major change efforts, with a fresh perspective, thus becoming a “change champion” on your return to the company in Macedonia.

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