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Three weeks of extraordinary learning experience in a multicultural and professionally diverse environment

By Wednesday December 13th, 2017Announcements

Macedonia 2025 …

First of all, I want to thank Macedonia 2025 for giving me this opportunity to gain extraordinary educational experience at the Northwestern Kellogg University in Chicago. Providing high level executives with this type of opportunity for further professional development is a great way to support our country’s future economic development as well.

The overall mission of Macedonia 2025 was also discussed during the course with my colleagues from other countries and they all recognized it as a great and unique idea for supporting the domestic economy.

Northwestern Kellogg University …

Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management is one of the best ranked universities in the world. As per the ranking of Economist for 2017 it is University no.1 in the world today.

During our stay there we witnessed the highest level of professionalism from all perspectives:

· Accommodation – excellent university complex just near Michigan Lake. Everything settled perfectly well, so students don’t have to bother with anything else and focus only on learning;

· Learning materials and support – completely covered with all necessary learning materials and receiving great support by technical support staff, which organized each next step well in advance. They were always available for assistance;

· The highest level of academic expertise – many of the professors were among the highest ranked experts in their field of expertise in the world.

Training takeaways …

These were three great weeks of learning about management, finance, marketing, strategy, problem solving, team work… In these three weeks I have gained thorough insights about business from all aspects. Classes were organized with a lot of interaction and sharing of experiences between team members. During the classes we observed and analyzed many real case studies, where we could see what the key learning points were. In the evenings, while having dinner in small learning groups together with a professor associated to each group, there was summarizing and explaining of the topics, which were not completely clear during the initial classes. One day before the end of the training each of us spent half a day together with the associated professor in developing a personal action plan for future skills improvement and advancement, in order to be a better manager.

Chicago …

The third largest and one of the most beautiful cities in the USA. After 2 weeks spent in Evanston campus, we spent the last third week in downtown Chicago. We were accommodated in Hyatt hotel, which is near the most famous street – Magnificent mile. The graduation ceremony & the final dinner were held in one of the highest buildings in Chicago – John Hancock tower on the 95th floor with a beautiful view of the city.


Kiro Risteski, Head of unit Coatings at ArcelorMittal Skopje

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