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Stefan Peter will be Sharing his Perspectives on Macedonia as an Investment Destination at the Upcoming MK2025 Summit

By Tuesday September 4th, 2018Announcements

Announcing Stefan Peter – President of the Macedonian Foreign Investors Council and CEO at EVN – Macedonia as our Summit speaker. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to be part of the leading regional platform for sharing knowledge on business and the economy, technology, leadership and innovation!

Stefan Peter has studied in the US, Russia, China and India and graduated at the University of Minnesota, the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the University of Applied Science Campus Vienna. He currently serves in his fourth year as CEO and President of the Management Board of EVN Macedonia AD. EVN produces, distributes and supplies electricity to business customers and more than 700.000 household customers in the Republic of Macedonia. Stefan recently was re-elected as President of the Foreign Investors Council within the Economic Chamber where he is Vice-President as well. He has 20 years of experience in the energy sector in various leading positions in Austria and Bulgaria.

At the Macedonia2025 Summit, Stefan Peter will be joining us on stage for the panel named “Macedonia as an Investment Destination”, where together with four other panelists will provide an engaging discussion and expert overview of the topic.

This year’s edition of the Macedonia2025 Summit will be happening from 7-10 November in Skopje, Macedonia. The official Summit program will be filled with around 20 plenary and breakout sessions. We will put on pedestal philanthropy, leadership and success, as we celebrate 7 years from the MK2025 Summit and 10 years from the establishment of the organization.

The regular registration will run through 30 September 2018 with advantages for micro and small companies.

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