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Nine Editions of the Leader Project in Macedonia make a difference

By Tuesday May 10th, 2016Announcements

This year’s Leader Project has its ninth edition in Macedonia. That means nine years of professional business education for Macedonia’s most proactive business professionals and entrepreneurs. With over 200 alumni, an expanding reach and cooperation with other organizations from the region, the Leader Project is the most influential business skills training ever to take place in the country. Instructors from the Richard Ivey School of Business in Canada have come for nine years to impart on the participants their best theoretical insights, tips and secrets in the craft of leading and operating a successful business

Macedonia2025 is continuing to fulfill its mandate of bringing fresh knowledge in business education. The country needs this knowledge in order to make companies and startups more competitive and innovative. This boost in theoretical and practical education links together an expanding group of people who sooner or later will encounter each other in the local and regional business ecosystem. To that group of people we add another 44 participants, all of them current and future entrepreneurs and business leaders of various backgrounds. Unfortunately, we had to make many hard choices and turn down many of the more than 90 applications, but at the same time it gives us great satisfaction in knowing that next year there will be many great new and returning candidates

The previous editions of the training provided the participants with an opportunity to increase their confidence when it comes to starting and leading a business. One of the instructors from last year, John Lazarou, said in an interview that the overwhelming majority of businesses do not succeed to lift off the ground. He also emphasized that this must not discourage the natural-born entrepreneur from trying and failing and trying again until they figure out a business idea that works. In that regard, what the Leader Project does for the participants is provide them with one on one counseling with the instructors who give an honest and informed advice on the strong and weak points in the business idea. In the course of the ten days training, the participants can fine-tune their business plans, close the hidden gaps and gain confidence in their execution.

Another great benefit for Macedonia’s entrepreneurs and business professionals is that by completing the Leader Project they become part of a global network of Leader alumni. In addition to this, by including candidates from Bosnia and last year from Serbia, as well as by keeping the Macedonian roster diverse to reflect the country’s diversity, the Leader Project is helping Macedonia to connect with at least five countries in the region. Because business today is global, the business professional and entrepreneur has to look beyond the borders of his or her country, especially if it is a small country in comparison with the global powerhouses. In that regard, the instructors from Canada communicate in the global language of business and there is no other event in Macedonia (besides the Macedonia2025 Economic Summit of course) where business-minded individuals can absorb that style of communication.

The Leader Project kicks off on May 9 and will last for ten working days. The event will open with a presentation of the training, the instructors, the Richard Ivey School of Business and Macedonia2025. During the training, Macedonia2025 has secured additional presentations and lectures by business professionals who are related to the organization. The Leader Project is made available through cooperation between Macedonia2025, the Richard Ivey School of Business and the Embassy of Canada in Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. This educational program receives additional support from private donors in Macedonia and the Macedonian diaspora as well as in-kind donations from partner companies and supporters.

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