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Moisés Calderón – Cardiovascular Surgeon who has Performed Mexico’s First Artificial Heart Transplant Operation to Speak at the MK2025 Summit!

By Thursday September 27th, 2018Announcements

We proudly announce Moisés Calderón – Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon and General Director at Hospital Regional Gral, Ignacio Zaragoza – ISSSTE, Mexico as a Speaker at the Macedonia2025 Summit set for 7-10 November in Skopje

Dr. Moisés Calderón is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon of Macedonian origin, situated in Mexico City, Mexico. As a Mexican senior consultant on thoracic transplantation and circulatory support, he acts as a General Director at the Hospital Regional Gral. Ignacio Zaragoza – ISSSTE (Institute for Social Security and Services for Government Workers), as well as an Associate Surgeon at the Angeles Group Hospitals (Base – Angeles de las Lomas Hospital) and ABC Medical Center.

Mr. Calderón started his career as an Academic Surgeon at General Hospital La Raza National Medical Center, Mexico City, Mexico IMSS back in 1992. Soon after, in 1993, Mr. Calderón becomes the founder and Head of the 1st Mexican Clinical Department of Circulatory Support and New Heart Transplant Program at the same hospital.

From 1996 up to 2008 he becomes the Coordinator of the Heart Transplantation and Artificial Heart Program and Head of Department of Heart Surgery and Circulatory Care, after which he takes the position of Head Division of Surgery at the Cardiology Hospital of the 21st Century National Medical Center, Mexico City, IMSS. Two years after he becomes the General Director of the UMAE / Cardiology Hospital – National Medical Center 21st Century IMSS, México City, a position he holds for four more years.

Mr. Calderón holds a Master’s and Doctoral degree from the Executive Business Management CEPEM. He is the author of several books, has multiple publications in national and international medical journals, has 2 international patents, and is a collaborator of multiple magazines of general interest as a writer.

Mr. Calderón is also a Permanent adviser of the State Health Council, Government of Chiapas. He is a member of multiple Mexican and International scientific societies, director and advisor of multiple postgraduate theses and a national and international lecturer.

Latest Technology Applied in Healthcare

At this year’s Summit, Moisés Calderón will share his thoughts and expertise at the panel-discussion titled “Latest Technology Applied in Healthcare”, together with four other panelists.

This is only one of the 15+ sessions, covering: global economic trends, regional investments and trade, digital transformation, establishing innovation hubs and more!

Get your tickets! Regular Registration for the Summit ends on 30 September!

Regular registration for the Summit is open until 30 September 2018 with advantages for micro and small companies! Late registration begins on 1 October 2018.

Use this unique opportunity to network with top-notch professionals from around the world and improve your business! Don’t forget to register at the Summit official web-page

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