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Learn how to Unleash your Leadership Potential with Leading Expert Kevin Murnane: Keynote Speaker at the Upcoming MK2025 Summit!

By Tuesday September 18th, 2018Announcements

We proudly announce Kevin Murnane – Professor at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management and Founder of Behtrics, USA as a Keynote Speaker at the Macedonia2025 Summit set for 7-10 November in Skopje

Kevin Murnane is a leading expert in leadership development, executive coaching and leadership effectiveness. Throughout his more than 30-year career, Kevin has worked closely with over 70 international business cultures to build seamless awareness, trust, and practical leadership tools for individuals, teams, and organizations. Prior to teaching and founding his own business, Kevin spent fifteen years as a leadership consulting leader managing projects for Toyota, Boeing, Ford, Baxter and other global corporations. In the last twelve years, Behtrics has added expertise in Not-For-Profit leadership, Technology Start-Ups and Health-Care Management.

Kevin’s expertise is practical coaching and teaching that fits the person, the team, and the organization.  By analyzing the business needs, a coaching process can create Human Capital Systems that drive strategy and achieve high ROI.  Every successful project begins with systematic listening skills that result in “listening as if the other person has the answer.”

Kevin graduated from the College of DuPage, University of Illinois (High Honors) and Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  While at Kellogg, Kevin co-wrote an HBS case on the American Lung Association.  He has experience and certifications with over 30 leadership assessments and training programs.  Kevin is a meta-coach for the Daniel Goleman Coaching Program. Kevin is also involved with both local and global Not-For-Profit organizations like St. Vincent DePaul Center, Bonaventure House, LIFT and Krishna Star.

Coaching the Leaders: The Mindset of a Great Leader

At this year’s Summit, our keynote speaker Kevin Murnane will share his thoughts and expertise at the panel-discussion titled “Coaching the Leaders: The Mindset of a Great Leader”, as part of the official program on Day 3 (November 9).

This is only one of the 15+ sessions, covering: global economic trends, regional investments and trade, latest technological developments in IT and healthcare, digital transformation, establishing innovation hubs and more!

Get your tickets! Regular Registration for the Summit ends on 30 September!

Regular registration for the Summit is open until 30 September 2018 with advantages for micro and small companies! Use this unique opportunity to network with top-notch professionals from around the world and improve your business!

Don’t forget to register at the Summit official web-page at

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