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Macedonia2025 visited iSource – Dynamic and Continuously Growing IT Company in Bitola

By Friday September 21st, 2018Announcements

As part of our promotional tour in Bitola, Macedonia2025 team also visited iSource – an innovative, dynamic and continuously growing IT company based in Bitola, where we had the pleasure to meet Vladimir Robevski – one of the company’s co-founders, who has been a member of our organization since 2015.

Robevski started the company in Australia and then decided to move to Macedonia, where his business grew to a number of 35 employees, working on outsourcing services for Australia, New Zealand, England and other European countries, generally in the IT, architecture and 3D modelling fields.

“Macedonia has great conditions for work. Ever since we’ve been here, we are getting assistance from NGOs, faculties, municipalities and other stakeholders, all contributing to our success story.” says Robevski.

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