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Jasmine Boehm, Founder and Manager of Sustainability & Social Innovation, will present her views on diversity management

By Thursday August 30th, 2018Announcements

Introducing Jasmine Boehm –Founder and Manager of Sustainability & Social Innovation. She will present her views on diversity management at the Macedonia2025 Summit, set for November 7-10 in Skopje, Macedonia

Jasmine Boehm is a sustainability and diversity manager with almost 20 years of professional experience supporting private sector companies, regional governments and international organizations. She has a long track record in developing and leading social innovation programs for multiple stakeholders worldwide, amongst others for UNDP Macedonia.

Until 2017 she served as Sustainability Manager in one of Austria’s largest industrial companies, responsible for multiple award winning programs on social inclusion, diversity, business ethics, stakeholder management, health, safety, security, human rights and environmental management in more than 20 countries worldwide. Before that she ran her own business – a diversity management consultancy in Austria – with clients such as Shell and Microsoft and worked as a manager in a social business.

She is a published author, speaker at international conferences and well-recognized vocational trainer.

Jasmine studied in Austria and in the US. She holds an Executive MBA from the Carlson School of Management in Minnesota, an Executive MBA Global Management from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and a master’s degree in Social Anthropology and Education from the University of Vienna.

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