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The Executive study tour, an experience by Goran Gakidev

By Monday January 30th, 2017Announcements

Before going to the content of the program and the experience of the events in Toronto I wanted to “SALUTE” the initiative of MACEDONIA2025 and the entire team for providing me a scholarship for an executive MBA course at the Schulich School of Business. I would say that this is the right way to build a stronger nation, nation with a global vision and a belief for a better and brighter future.

My experience with MACEDONIA2025’s educational program started with attending the course ‘Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Innovation’ at the Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto.  I must say that the course was one of the best that I have attended and definitely a life changer. The opportunity provided me with tools and concepts which showed me how to look at an idea and implement that into an organization as part of the innovation process.

Starting from the content of the program and its delivery style, I had a chance to learn from 7 different consultants throughout the 5 day course, all experts in their fields. Each of the modules had a trainer that had an extensive experience in the subject matter – it was great to hear their thought process and experience put behind each of the concepts. I had a chance to meet a diverse group of participants, from different business backgrounds, from all over Canada.  I am very glad that I was part of that strong group and I had the opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices.

What also stroke me with a positive impression was the field trip that was organized in one of the companies in downtown Toronto, SteelCase. There we could see how they practice and implement innovation in most of their products – it was really great to see their unique way of thinking, as well as working.

Another very positive highlight from the program were the guest speakers from Holland Bloorview – kids’ rehabilitation hospital. It was nice to see how former attendees of the same program have taken the knowledge gained and implemented it into their organization. Both of them were such an inspiration for the entire class.

After the completion of the program I had an opportunity to visit a local Toronto company, it was my pleasure being part of Point North Capital during that week.

I was warmly welcomed and was able to observe the daily operations of the business. Operating in fast moving economy, it was great to see how they deal with innovative models in order to stay competitive on the market.

As for Toronto, I am really glad that this program happened there – it is the right city where you feel the breeze of advancement and innovation. Improvement and innovation in general, are the key elements of driving growth in every economy. Having said that, in order to stay competitive or gain a competitive advantage, companies everywhere should foster and encourage innovation within their daily activities as in Toronto.

With all this said above, I am standing as a support for future candidates willing to apply and experience this program.

Goran Gakidev – Leoron Group

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