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Executive Study Tour in Toronto participant experience: Vladimir Robevski, Managing Director of iSource

By Thursday August 6th, 2015Announcements

Vladimir Robevski is the Managing Director of the IT company iSource in Bitola, Macedonia. Until few years ago Vladimir was a Macedonian expatriate in Australia, but he returned and founded his company and lives happily with his wife and children in Macedonia. He told us the study tour has impressed him with lots of good insights in the way business is done and organized in the companies that he visited while in Canada. We are sharing Vladimir’s remarks from his second Executive Study Tour in Toronto.

The Executive Study Tour organized by Macedonia2025 gave us the opportunity to meet successful Canadians from many diverse backgrounds. More than a dozen company visits provided us with a unique chance to gain insight of the specific aspects of each company’s operations, their particular way of doing business, which coupled with a tour of the premises and opportunity to meet the broader company management team, lead to our immersion in the very core of Canadian corporate culture and made us better able to comprehend it, resonate with it, own it and essentially bring it back to our respective companies/organizations to lead change initiatives and bridge the cultural gaps to better enable cooperation where the potential and interest of doing common business exists.

Merging these experiences and the potential for enabling cooperation and making it manifest in the daily running in our respective companies has at its core the ability to Leaded Sustainable Strategic Change and it is precisely this that we had the privilege tolearn at the exclusively unique, very practical and useful five day Executive Leadership Course at Schoolich School of Business.

Finally, spending time on this tour with the group of about a dozen professionals and executives from Macedonia and having met many individuals in the company visits, events, tours and on the study course, many spontaneous follow up meetings and get-togethers… resulted in friendships doors opened for future cooperation. This made the two-week experience in Toronto a dynamic and truly enriching experience.


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