Macedonia2025 supports political stabilization in Macedonia

posted May 19, 2017

Macedonia2025 would like to congratulate the resolution achieved in the Republic of Macedonia that will hopefully result in resolving a long political crisis. We stand committed with the citizens of Macedonia in the decision by President Gjorge Ivanov to give the mandate to Mr. Zoran Zaev, his party and coalition partners, to form a new government. In a democracy it is most important to carry out a seamless transition of government that will normalize the democratic process and continue to allow all views of political dialogue.  This managed transition should demonstrate and assure current and potential, local and foreign investors that Macedonia remains open for business and is looking forward to continuing to grow and prosper with economic development.

Macedonia2025 remained neutral during the election and aftermath and will continue to do so as we are an independent, non-government and non-partisan organization. Macedonia2025 is calling all relevant parties, groups and organizations that were affected in the political crisis, to put their party interests aside and focus on maintaining a good economic environment in which foreign and local companies and entrepreneurs will be incentivized to continue investing in Macedonia. It is important to underscore that in a highly competitive global arena, countries need to provide a good business climate and political stability which will return such benefits to the citizens with economic growth.  That is our purpose as an organization and we will continue to assist the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens. 

Macedonia2025 Board of Directors