First quarter message by the Macedonia2025 Skopje Office: We continue our commitment to developing a better economy in Macedonia

posted April 13, 2017

As the organization has entered the second quarter of 2017, we are inspired to review our role in order to improve the impact of our commitment. Since the opening of the office in Skopje, Macedonia2025 has done its best to contribute to the economic and social development of the country. Besides promoting Macedonia to foreign companies as a destination in which to invest, our organization continues to look for new connections that will help the country.

Macedonia is not the same country as five or even two years ago. We have felt that the ‘business mind’ of people and organizations has taken for a much better turn. There are more young entrepreneurs who know what they are doing – they understand how the market works, how to market their goods and they use the benefits of being in Macedonia to sell their products and services outside. We encourage this development and invite the young generation of entrepreneurs and future executives to stay in touch through our website, attend our events and apply on the open calls.

Meanwhile, we encourage proven leaders that register significant earnings at the national level, to invest money in research. There are processes that can add value to the domestic economy, that are at hands reach, but are yet unavailable because of the lack of technology research grants for entrepreneurially-minded individuals. Big companies need to seek out ways in which to give support to forward-looking ideas. The money needs to be invested in know-how and in people who will learn how to initiate, optimize and successfully operate a new process, regardless if it is in organic food production or manufacturing of consumer goods. 

The spillover effects of the eventual upward mobility will enable competent individuals to connect and disrupt their sectors of expertise. Competition will create pressure on other companies to improve or go under. This is one of the basic laws of economics and it is just what we need in Macedonia, besides competitive prices and increase in output. Big companies need to be the enablers that can give a push to innovative companies to lift themselves up to a higher level of competence. Big Macedonian companies should also consider giving a push to more than one entrepreneur who is in a niche or a field that can expand.

The educational programs supported or launched by Macedonia2025 are at several levels of expertise. We are happy to say that the Leader Project call has had a great turnout by young entrepreneurs and professionals. The same is also true for the Zafirovski’s Executive Development Program through the Kellogg School of Management and the Schulich Executive Education program. These educational programs will further expand the number of alumni, young and experienced professionals, who will carry on with the goal of building a stronger nation. We invite you to support that goal by donating to the Macedonia2025 educational initiative as a company or as private individual.

The article's author is Martin Anastasovski