ICT/BPO synergy workshop, a step towards global presence

posted March 25, 2016

March 24th, Macedonia2025 organized an ICT/BPO workshop which attracted the founders and managers of 17 companies. Some of the companies have been founded and are operating out of Macedonia, while others have come here as result of investors from abroad partnering with local experts. The event was supported by the Macedonian ICT Chamber, MASIT.

The purpose of the workshop was to initiate a discussion and map-out points of interest that we will attempt to tackle as a group. We heard about the companies’ products and services, their current positioning in the local and international business ecosphere and the underlying challenges of the local setting. The participants also stated their expectations from the workshop and presented ideas how it should develop in the time ahead. 

The points that were made as a group reflected a mature ICT/BPO local ecosystem which is concerned with overcoming the challenges, growing and innovating. It was no surprise that the participants were not primarily concerned with finding more clients since they already cooperate with countries such as USA, Israel, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and many more. Instead, they stated their focus is on finding local partners in order to develop better products, services and portfolios that are attractive for global markets.

Furthermore, the participants discussed more about “company culture” such as building and raising the level of trust towards goal-oriented cooperation between companies in the ICT/BPO sector. Some of the representatives stated their interest in helping startups to find their footing, while others shared their experience in helping individuals to acquire the skills so that they may enter the workforce.

Macedonia2025 wants to thank all of the participants for taking time off to discuss issues that are common to this sector in Macedonia. We want to thank Macedonia2025 Leaders Club member Emil Matevski for moderating the discussion and Allan Castillo for hosting the workshop. We are looking forward to the next event in May, when we will aim for a more-involved interaction towards strengthening ICT/BPO companies in Macedonia.