We Share Some of Our Key Achievements Made During First Half of 2018

posted June 5, 2018

We had a very exciting first half of the year that brought us a number of new partnerships. Your overwhelmingly positive feedback about our professionalism, transparency and dedication is the driving force behind all that we are doing.

Below are some of the highlights:

  • We took a tour around the country to present the organization and we met more than 60 new local companies who are eager to collaborate;
  • Our 11th Leader Project featured 30 entrepreneurs; the three winners will be participating on a regional pitch in Belgrade and Sarajevo supported by the Western Balkans Fund;
  • We had a wonderful leadership alumni gathering featuring the newly appointed Ambassador of Canada to Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, HE Kati Csaba, as a keynote speaker;
  • We have selected eight candidates for the Zafirovski Executive Scholarship 2018 and three candidates for the Executive Study Tour to Toronto and secured job shadowing for them;
  • We had a great turnout for our Summer Diaspora Program; all candidates from across the world have been confirmed, now we are finalizing their internships in Macedonia and the fun activities;
  • We have organized a Student Open Day to the premises of our partner APTIV in the TIRZ;
  • We launched the Bitove Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with CESO; the first Canadian advisor who will assist a Macedonian company is already preparing for his assignment in Macedonia this June;
  • We administered the scholarships to RANEPA and a few international internship positions;
  • Our Board Member Mike Cklamovski has hosted a beautiful fundraiser in Chicago with 60+ guests;
  • We are the local partner of the global organization MINEX  in implementing the mining forum in Skopje this June 12 – 14 which has had an enormous interest among global companies to attend;
  • We have confirmed more than 20+ top notch speakers for the Macedonia2025 Summit  on November 7 – 9;
  • Our research team has done a number of significant research articles, including a  very popular  one on the potential introduction of progressive taxation;
  • We had a wide media outreach of more than 100 appearances across different media outlets;
  • Our multimedia team has put together all our inspirational videos at our unique video platform: http://www.2025talks.com/. We have also recorded a series of “Celebrating Success” interviews featuring young Macedonian entrepreneurs.
  • We have also developed a new organization website that will be launched soon;
  • Our executive team has participated at a number of events, advocacy sessions and working groups with the government and international institutions;
  • We have meet with 20+ potential investors to Macedonia and facilitated some of their operations
  • We also have regular meeting sessions with 50+ existing investors and local companies and we receive their input on the local economic climate;
  • We have gained new corporate partners in addition to the existing ones who continue to support us and we are grateful for their trust in us;
  • We have a number of new board members, who along with the existing ones are instrumental in driving the organization forward;
  • We have launched new membership tiers including an Organizational Member, Council of Experts and Ambassador Club Member and we encourage you to all to reach out and get affiliated;
  • Last but not least, something that we are more proud of is the newly established Charity Fund for talented students from vulnerable backgrounds. 100% of all donations from our members of the Ambassador Club, including some in-kind products such as laptops and smart phones, have been given to two bright students who melted our hearts with their talents, modesty and dignity! We will promote their stories soon, so stay tuned and join our efforts by donating.

On top of all this, we have moved new offices in the city center and we invite you to visit us. We also have some amazing events coming up and we strongly encourage you all to attend and expand your regional presence and network:

Stay tuned for more!