Investors Showcase 2018 v.1

posted April 16, 2018

Willing to incorporate our members, partners and supporters as close as possible to our daily activities, we believe it would be appreciated from your side if we start sharing with you the business opportunities and potential investments that come at our desks. Many times, maybe exactly one of you, or a member of your network, will have the right interest or investment to make that new business opportunity a reality.

In this first edition, we present you the snippets from four opportunities from four different industries. If you are interested to hear more about these opportunities, feel free to reach out to our Diaspora Relations/Business Development Assistant Dimitar Chatleski at

1. The first opportunity comes from something that we believe will be more and more needed – recycling human waste. Human wastewater is the biggest contaminant of the environment and an intense source of deadly illnesses. Humanity produces 1,925,000m3 a day of wastewater. It is estimated that about 80% of the world’s wastewater is returned to the environment, untreated. None of the existing technologies by themselves are efficient enough to achieve optimum purification of wastewater. So this is where the YOTI Technology comes. YOTI technology is based on a unique continuous gravitational anaerobic bio-filtration. It does not use energy, has no moving parts, generates no sludge, does not need maintenance and spare parts, it is noiseless and odorless. Purified water can be directly discharged back into nature, which may be used for the watering of plant or for other technical purposes.

The technology itself was invented, developed and implemented by Mr. Joti Popovski, a Biochemical Graduate and Master of Environmental Sciences. In the mid-seventies, Mr. Popovski worked at Alkaloid, a leading Macedonian pharmaceutical company, as head of the research laboratory there. Being a dedicated environmentalist, Mr. Popovski founded the very first Environmental office in the Balkans. He was asked by top officials at Alkaloid to find a solution for treating wastewater that was generated by the plant where he worked. After four years of intensive research and experimentation, Mr. Popovski built the very first prototype of a continuous gravitational anaerobic bio-filtration station.

2. The second opportunity comes through an owner of a Macedonian company that has been involved in the mushroom business for more than 20 years. For many years, company’s production process of fresh mushrooms from the variety champignons was in underground tunnels and later in 3 growing rooms located in several different locations. All of the production processes have been performed manually, from compost manipulation to watering, temperature and CO2 control, air control, pest control, mushroom picking, etc.

However, with the increase in the demand on the market for fresh and marinated champignons, the owner of that company, who also established this company and has been part of it throughout its 20+ years of existence, is planning to start a new project. The idea is to build a new, much larger, modern and more sophisticated champignons production farm in the Skopje region. This company, with the new equipment in the growing rooms, will have much more control over the entire production process achieving better yields and better quality of the product, as well as to eliminate unnecessary costs and downtimes related to manual labor operations. The new farm is with an estimated annual production capacity of 1200 tons of fresh champignons, with the ability to double the capacity to 2400 tons annually with much smaller investment than the initial one.

3. The third opportunity comes from a company from Prilep, Mikrosam, which is a leader in developing customized machines and know-how for the composites industry. With over 28 years of experience in composites and manufacturing state of the art machines for composite parts, they are the only company in the world that specialize in all leading composite manufacturing technologies:
-       Filament Winding;
-       Automated lines for Composite Pressure Vessels;
-       Automated Fiber Placement and Tape Laying;
-       PREPREG making/slitting.

Mikrosam possesses the most advanced composites laboratory in Europe, fully equipped with the newest models of composite manufacturing machines. As part of their laboratory, they offer services such as newest product testing, sample making, and product and technology development. For new entrants in the composite world, Mikrosam also provides all the necessary training and preparation to be product competitive in this field.

4. The fourth opportunity comes from the video industry. A Macedonian company has developed a ready to use all-in-one video sharing and live streaming solution that is currently used by a number of renowned TV channels in Macedonia, including Macedonia2025 web video platform:  This platform can be easily accustomed to any company’s needs and can be transformed into a professional web TV channel under your brand to stream TV shows, events and other live content reaching out to the global audience. The company is seeking for clients globally or individuals that can sell the product in different markers and would be happy to discuss collaboration with anyone interested. 

Once again, if you are interested to hear more about these opportunities, feel free to reach out to our Diaspora Relations/Business Development Assistant Dimitar Chatleski at