Macedonia2025 Position on Country Name

posted April 5, 2018

Macedonia2025 is an independent, non-government, non-profit and non-political think-and-do-tank organization.  Our goal and sole mission is to continue to drive, promote and increase the economic prosperity for all of our people residing in the Republic of Macedonia as well as building a stronger nation.


Almost every year since inception, we have been asked to step into the political discourse through many topics including; elections, judicial processes and, as of late, the potential name change for the country.  For many of these issues, we have decided against taking a position or expressing an opinion as it would not be consistent with the mission of our organization. The name of the country is an important issue that affects deeply all Macedonians globally and we are expressing our viewpoint mainly from an angle of economic prosperity.  It is our firm belief that no group or person should be able to tell others who or what they are, or what they believe. Every person, including Macedonians, should enjoy the basic human rights of self-determination.


The Republic of Macedonia is a sovereign country. Therefore, we applaud the current and prior Government’s approach that any negotiated solution, that does not compromise the nation’s identity and language, would be subject to being consistent and compliant with the constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.


It is our understanding that the resolution of the potential name change for the country, is being encouraged by the European Union (EU) and other foreign governments, who would like to see the country move forward from this stalemate over the past three decades. We also believe that the pursuit of accession to both the EU and NATO is very important, but not at any cost.  We, as an economic organization want to emphasize there is no such thing as a single accomplishment or a resolution of one issue that will facilitate economic prosperity for our people. It is the hard work, determination, increased trade and investment, eradication of corruption, honorable and independent judicial system and most of all unity that we believe will drive economic growth.


The Government of Macedonia is elected by and for the people in the Republic of Macedonia and it should look after and represent the interests of the citizens of Macedonia.Whether we live in the Republic of Macedonia or in the many other countries around the world with a Macedonian population, we will always be called Macedonian.  


Therefore, Macedonia2025 is asking all Macedonians to focus on maintaining a good economic environment in which local and foreign companies and entrepreneurs will be incentivized to continue investing in Macedonia. In a highly competitive global arena, countries need to provide a good business climate and political stability to achieve economic growth.  We stand available to facilitate dialogue and provide support towards achieving these important goals.