This program enriched my professional life, broadened my horizons and connected me with an impressive international group of peers

posted January 11, 2018

My participation in the Executive Development Program at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USA, enriched my professional life, broadened my horizons and connected me with an impressive international group of peers.

The program gave me new perspectives on leadership, the importance of networking, the specificity and need for developing global negotiation skills. I had an opportunity to learn from amazing professors, to participate in simulation cases connected with operations and data analytics, to analyze excellent examples for finance and accounting, to create a marketing strategy and how to evaluate investment projects. I also realized the importance of creating strategic alliances, as well as gain a better understanding of business innovation and creating new customer value.


The group exercises and case discussions were phenomenal, since learning groups were very diverse with people coming from different countries, cultures, industries and with various experience.

Special inspiration for me were the coaching sessions. I have decided to change myself and to make the necessary balance between my professional and personal life. I realized the need for building deeper professional relationships and the importance of communication skills. I learned that the biggest strengths at the same time can become biggest weaknesses. I believe that all of this would ultimately make me a more effective leader.


Throughout the program, I also developed new tools to drive efficiency and growth within my team and my company. Now, I not only have a deeper understanding of my side of the business and how to apply that expertise in my day-to-day responsibilities, I also have a stronger cross-functional understanding that will help me find solutions to a broader set of company challenges.

And last but not the least! Today, I have a lot of new good friends all over the world!


Petar Ribarski, MBA

General Manager



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