An intellectual and professional challenge aimed towards enhancing my knowledge and skills – A testimonial by Goran Jandreoski

posted November 28, 2017


"As a Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia one of my main goals is to invest in training of my employees. I strongly believe that continuous education leads to personal growth through which leaders can make better impact on their environment." - Goran Jandreoski


Macedonia2025 offered me the opportunity to attend a course at the Schulich Business School, being among the Top 10 World Business Schools and part of the York University in Toronto, Canada. My selected course was the Executive Program in Strategic Agility which delivered comprehensive knowledge related to exceptional ways of leading one organization to its success and sustaining it while regularly experiencing changes. Attending this course presented an intellectual and professional challenge aimed towards enhancing my knowledge and skills. I was looking for opportunities which would lead to improvements in my work in order to bring added value to the development of aviation in the Republic of Macedonia.

Attending the Executive Program in Strategic Agility led to acquiring crucial knowledge for applying concepts and practices which have proven as successful elsewhere. It was fascinating to learn about new approaches over the five days of the program which make a significant difference in business. The course strengthened my expertise of organization structure and strategy, and delivered insight on the core and fundamental values on an organization. Moreover, this course was an opportunity to change participants’ way of thinking about the organization they work for and the role they play in it. Divided into three modules the program included:

• Strategic Thinking

• Strategic Organizational Design

• Leading the Agile Organization

Each of the modules covered the basic elements of organization structure, strategy and design, ways to structuring new business models, leveraging virtual/networked organizations for sustained success and learning to lead strategic agility so that others want to follow.

Being introduced to completely new aspects of looking at the concepts of leadership was an enriching experience. The trainer was incredibly committed and engaged which was inspiring and the environment enabled us to fully focus on the learning. The opportunity to meet a diverse group of people highly contributed to expanding my network of professional contacts.

This program led to identifying possible areas for improvement in respect of leading the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. It also enabled me to embrace with greater confidence all aspects of the holistic role that I have as a manager. I was provided with tools and insights which will assist me in raising the level of quality of the services provided by the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.


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