Foreign direct investments – sharing know-how and developing local suppliers

posted October 30, 2017

Jerry Naumoff, CEO at Taskforce BPO, Macedonia will act as chair of the panel consisting of:

Prof. Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski, Dean of the School of Business Economics and Management at the American College at Skopje, Macedonia, Steven Sharpe, President and CEO of Euromax Resources, United Kingdom, Filip Van Hool, Owner of Van Hool, Belgium and Borijan Borozanov, Plant Manager/Managing Director of Delphi Electronics System, Macedonia. The topic of discussion will be the foreign direct investments in Macedonia and the possibility for sharing know-how while developing local suppliers.

Macedonia is also one of the countries that have the easiest procedures for opening a business – you need less than 48hours to start owning a business. As a result, a number of international organizations have decided to open offices in Macedonia. Therefore, a panel consisting mostly of foreign investors is a good opportunity to learn why they initially choose Macedonia as a location for their businesses, and where there is a room for further improvement. Macedonia being listed 10th among 190 countries from all around the world for the ease of doing business is an impressive fact. But besides that, what are the benefits that these investors are getting out of our country?

We know that Macedonia has what investors want: low cost of doing business, low labor costs, and skilled workforce. But we are also aware that the government has a great potential for improvement of local suppliers’ level of qualifications, developing them into export-ready partners. Prof. Nikica, with years of experience and research in our economy and business industries, will further elaborate on the economic spillover effects of case actions like these are being implemented.

Inviting entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and doers from around the world to hear their examples, learn from their experience and share the needed knowhow is something we always strive for.