Dimitar Siljanovski, CTO at Global Savings Group GmbH in Munich, will talk about Macedonia as a hub for smart industries at the MK2025 Summit 2017

posted July 31, 2017

Dimitar Siljanovski is an experienced IT-professional, having a strong track record in start-ups and established technology companies. Before joining CupoNation as CTO in 2013, he previously worked as Software architect and developer in multiple companies such as oDesk and Ecorys. He is skilled in management, DevOps, software architectures, and web applications.

As an experienced Chief Technology Officer, Dimitar is globally responsible for all platforms and software related to the Global Savings Group (GSG), the leading operator of digital savings destination websites, mobile solutions, and marketing services, based in the Munich Area. He has been a speaker at multiple conferences including Rocket Internet CTO Summit, Java Conferences and eEducational cConferences in Munich on various subjects including: ("Building and working with remote teams", "Agile Team Management", "Changing the Organization and IT Team for Microservices based architecture"). Dimitar holds a Bachelor in Software Engineering from First European University Skopje.


Listen to Dimitar’s investment story at the panel Macedonia - a hub for smart industries, at Day2 of the MK2025 Summit 2017 which will be devoted to technology.

To register for the Summit please visit the official Summit web site at www.mk2025summit.com Early bird prices (Regular ticket 200e; Special early bird price for SME’s 100e) which will be valid until September the 1st.

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