Macedonia 2025

April 18, 2014

Helping Build a Stronger Nation

Honorary Board Members

  • Ambassador Zoran Jolevski

    Ambassador Zoran Jolevski

    Professor Zoran Jolevski was appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the United States in March 2007. In November 2008, he also has been appointed the Macedonians chief negotiator on name differences with Greece under the auspices of the United Nations. From January 2011 he is non resident Ambassador to Mexico and to Brazil.

    From 2000 to 2004, Ambassador Jolevski was Chief of Staff to the late Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski, and served as the Chief Adviser to the Macedonian Government on Macedonia's World Trade Organization accession. He has served in various other capacities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading US consulting firm, he was managing the Macedonian Business Environment Activity and the World Trade Organization Compliance Activity

    Ambassador Jolevski has been the founder and the first President of the Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs Ohrid. He served also as a President of The Boris Trajkovski International Foundation from 2004 to 2005. Prior to his appointment as ambassador he served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tobacco Company PRILEP, as well as member of the board of SEAVUS, Airports MACEDONIA and SKOPJE FAIR. He also was Vice Chairman of the UN/ECE Committee on Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development (2005-2007), as well as a Member of Team of Specialists on Internet Enterprise Development at UN/ECE (1999-2003) Ambasador Jolevski holds a Ph.D. in International Economy from the Faculty of Economy, as well as a Master of Science in International Trade Law. He is author of two books, chief editor of several books as well as author of more then hundred articles.

    Zoran Jolevski married Suzana Jolevska and they have two sons: Pero (1988) and Filip Jolevski (1992).

  • Susan Niczowski

    Susan Niczowski

    Susan Niczowski knew her calling early in life. She started her business in the basement of her parent's house, where she and her mother, Francis, thinking 15 years ahead of their time made home replacement dinners years before it became fashionable. In 1991, Susan started Summer Fresh Salads Inc., and at that time, the company focused all of its attention servicing the local Toronto market with , prepared salads creations.

    Over the years the company has grown to offer a full line of prepared salads, home meal replacement solutions, dips, appetizers and fresh soups. Since its inception, Summer Fresh Salads Inc. sales has grown in leaps and bounds; a growth of almost $10 million in 3 years, reaching over $41 million in 2005. Summer Fresh has grown today from a Toronto delivery system to a company recognized across Canada and in the USA.

  • Lou Naumovski

    Lou Naumovski

    Lou Naumovski is the Vice President, Commercial and General Director, Russia, for Kinross Gold Corporation. In addition to being responsible for the management of the representative office in Moscow, Lou is the lead on new business development in Russia, and heads Kinross' government relations and liaison division.

    Mr. Naumovski joined Visa International in August 2000 as General Manager of Visa's Russian office. He was responsible for the development of Visa's business in Russia and the eleven other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, relationship management with Visa's Russian and CIS Member banks, and management of Visa's Russian office. Mr. Naumovski was based in London, England since January 2006. He was also responsibile for Strategy and Business Planning across the Visa CEMEA Region.

  • Jerry Naumoff

    Jerry Naumoff

    Jerry Naumoff’s career in employee benefits, human resources and risk management began in 1980 after he earned a football scholarship at Ball State Universtity while majoring in marketing and business administration. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio where his family, with roots in Gavato, Macedonia, owned and operated a successful restaurant for over 30 years.

    With experience from several large insurance companies and top ranked Chicago-based consulting firms he founded The Naumoff Group, Inc., a total risk management advisory firm in 1993. As a serial entrepreneur he also imported mineral water, owned a bar & grill and built one of the first web-based human resource self-service applications.

    Jerry and his wife LuAnn live in the Chicago area and have six children, two of whom are twin girls adopted from the Bitola orphanage. Two of their sons are working (one with Cosmic Development) and completing their MBA’s in Skopje.